Powder Coating FAQS

We are happy to shed light on your frequently asked questions. Be enlightened on anything that might be boggling your mind about powder coating and anything related to it. Send us a message if you need more clarification or send us the green light so we can start on the job right away!

How much does a powder coat service cost?

The total cost varies for different finishes. Clients will be guided in the preselection of services and other elements like color, thickness, texture, coverage, and more. A powder coat will cost more than paint upfront, but it is more economical in hindsight. You will spend less on maintenance, and it will take longer before you need a touch-up.

Why go for a powder coat instead of paint?

Relatively speaking, powder coating holds more benefits than the usual paint. As a paint alternative, it is more environmentally friendly with fewer chemicals than paint. The material is a very durable, chemical resistant coating that, when properly applied, will outlast most any paint product available today.

Unlike paint, waiting time is minimal with powder coating. You do not have to wait for powder coats to dry. It also only requires a single layer, which is already enough for a bright and seven finish. Apart from color and shine, you can even personalize its style. It is available in a vast array of colors, textures, veins, wrinkles, candies, metallic, and more.

What is the difference between powder coating and ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating will be more resistant to other factors such as high temperature, corrosion, and breakage. Powder coating is more vulnerable to high temperatures like that found on exhaust systems. On the other hand, by use of a ceramic powder, you can coat any part with components that heats up. Though it is more costly, it is relatively longer-lasting. Ceramics is the direction to go when you want a higher coating temperature adaptability and durability.

What can be powder-coated?

Anything METAL. Some non-metallics are included. We have specific products and purposes for different substrates. We accommodate a broad spectrum of substrates; Copper, brass, aluminum, steel, titanium. From cars, motorcycles, and other automobiles, to other industrial pieces and miscellaneous stuff.


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