Ceramic Coating FAQS

Thinking of getting a fresh ceramic coat? You probably have some questions hanging over your head. Read ahead and see if you get the information you need. Otherwise, we would be happy to answer any remaining questions you might have. Just dial our number or send us a message!

What is ceramic coating?

It is an intensive protective coating for anything with a metal exterior. Ceramic coats provide a semi-permanent sheen and strong resistance to many damaging elements.

What are the benefits of a ceramic coating?

It is widely known that ceramic is the premium choice of coat. There are numerous reasons why you should go for this type of coating. The most obvious one is its aesthetic appeal. That shiny high-class gloss can only be achieved by a good quality ceramics coat. It will always give that newly-waxed look, without the hassle of having it done again and again.

Besides the long-lasting shine, the protection it gives is incomparable. In terms of moisture, thermal, and chemical protection, ceramics provide a powerful resistance. Horsepower can increase when the heat is regulated by the extra layer.

The overall quality of your auto or its components is enhanced significantly by adding a ceramic shell.

How does your shipping services work?

Ceramic coating services have never been this easy. We do the work, you wait, and we send you back your freshly coated components! Send us your items for a ceramic coating job through the order form. Fill out all the information requires, and we will reach out as soon as possible. We will contact you in case any problems are seen with your parts. Reach out to our team to know which couriers can accommodate you with the best deals. We have different payment channels so you can settle the fee conveniently.

What is the approximate turnaround time?

Higher quality can mean a longer turnaround time. Ceramic coating services involve a meticulous process since it is built to last longer versus your usual waxing job. The exact timeline will be given upon the assessment of your project. The parts, the size, scope, and the condition of the item are factors which will determine the duration of the labor. Average turnaround time may take up to 10 business days. Peak seasons such as winter months and holidays might have long wait times.

Can rusted, used headers and exhaust parts be coated?

Yes! You can bring in parts even if it is not in its original pristine condition. These pieces go through extra steps in cleaning and stripping the surface to shape it for coating. This additional process will incur extra charges, but it is already the best deal for a 2-in-1 cleaning and coating job. In other cases, some parts will require higher costs for stripping. You can choose to avail of our deal packages, so you get an all-in-one service, which saves you more bucks.

Do you offer a warranty?

New and used pieces fall under the same warranty. The Limited Lifetime Warranty is open to all the parts we have coated. It includes comprehensive and all-inclusive terms that will benefit all our clients.

Damage and defects caused by our services will be covered for free for a number of years. User-inflicted damages will not be subject to this warranty. Know more about this lifetime guarantee warranty by reaching out to our information agents.

How long does the ceramic coating last?

Nothing lasts forever – even ceramic coatings. Over time, it will fade out due to wear and tear and other external and natural forces. Its resistance will wear out, and eventually, you will need upkeep to make it look as good as new again. We guarantee, however, that ceramic coating will last you for at least a couple of decades! It saves you from frequent maintenance and shelling out money for regular re-coating – making it such a cost-efficient deal!

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